About us

Healing your heart and mind

Nithyananda Yoga Foundation was established with the vision of teaching yoga and other mystical science to everyone in the society. Started in 2000AD at Kuwait; the land of Arabs, today Nithyananda  Yoga Foundation is successful in providing relief, prevention and cure of specific diseases through a non invasive drugless therapy which combines nature care  with yoga.

Yog teachers are fountains of knowledge. Rather than keeping all of that wisdom to himself, a yoga teacher has shared it with his students and other yoga teachers by establishing this foundation. Dr. Nithyananda. A. Shetty an eye surgeon from Mangaluru is a practitioner of yoga and other healing and mystical science. After his intense practice he established this foundation on his student’s request. From 15 years this foundation has been providing the highest care in the field of yoga and other healing and mystical science.

During these years Nithyananda Yoga Foundation has conducted several meditation camps and other courses, other than regular yoga class and camps. ‘Kuwait Television (KV2)’, ‘Shree TV’ broadcasted and ‘Arab Times’ newspaper published interviews with Dr. Nithyananda. A. Shetty several times to create awareness regarding the benefits of yoga. He has taught to thousands of people of various nationalities residing at Kuwait including the very conservative native Arab celebrities and the royal family members of Kuwait.